About Us

A little history

Hilltop Camp & Conference Center is a faith-based organization that began in the early 1900s as a rustic summer Christian campground for spiritual renewal. Located on U.S. Highway 59 a few miles south of Garrison, Texas, the open-air structures were simple, with meager protection from the elements, but the atmosphere was unforgettable for those who came summer-after-summer for rest and refreshment. 

In 1977, the campus was redeveloped further back in the forest, a few acres away from the highway, with all-weather buildings and modern conveniences. Through the years, friends and families of those who gathered in the early days have continued to come to Hilltop, and the reach has extended to new generations of those seeking rest, renewal, and development in the beauty of Deep East Texas.

What we do

We offer spiritual development and training programs for youth and adults in the context of a Christian world view, and new programs are continually being considered for your enhancement.

Inquire about renting our facilities for meetings and other events by contacting us here.