Register & Pay for Camp

When can I register?

Registration takes place on Sunday, the first day of your camp, at 3 PM. If you want to ensure your spot at camp, please get your paperwork and payment to us in advance of the start of camp. We will enroll campers in the order that they reach us.

Where do I register?

We recommend that you preregister in order to reserve your spot at camp. See how in the section below.

In-person registration takes place at the registration desk in Verner Hall on the start date of your camp. Even if you pre-registered, you must check in at the registration desk.

How can I register?

Just show up at the registration desk in Verner Hall at 3 PM on the first day of camp and fill out the forms then. If you want to ensure your place at camp, please preregister. To preregister:

  1. Print out each of the forms listed below.
  2. Complete the forms.
  3. Scan the completed forms, making sure that all parts are clear.
  4. E-mail the completed forms to, putting REGISTRAR in the subject line.


Complete payment for camp tuition is due at the time of check-in to camp. Payment may be made in advance by using our secure electronic system, or in person by cash or check. To pay now electronically, click the Pay HEREĀ  button below for the camp you will attend.


There are five (5) forms that must be completed for registration. The sixth document included below is the Gear List. Please click the “click here to open” link to the right of each form listed below. The form will launch in your computer or phone display. Please print each form, and then fill them out.


Conduct Agreement ->


Gear List ->


Health Statement ->


Challenge Course Consent ->


Parent Authorization ->